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Analysis covering a ten year period shows that that the PVC-U window market – in decline since 2004 – is bottoming out and will start to rise during 2008, as more homeowners address the need to update unsatisfactory or unsuitable first-time replacements. But unlike the heady days when rotting timber frames provided a glut of opportunity, second-time replacements will be more discretionary, with consumers needing to be wooed through clever marketing. Weak consumer confidence and a mortgage famine have divided homeowners into those with funds and willingness to spend and those without, so more than ever, wants, not needs, will dictate who wins and who loses the sale.

The report, the UK PVC-U Windows, Doors & Conservatory Book of Forecasts 2002-2012, is the result of 18 months of informed research and analysis by the leading industry specialists Rigby Research, and is the most comprehensive work of its type.

The remaining ‘available’ market for first-time replacements will fall by nearly two thirds between 2005 and 2012, excluding listed buildings and homes occupied by staunch anti-PVC homeowners. Crucially, the ‘crossover point’ - where the volume of second-time replacements overtakes first-time replacements – will take place at the beginning of 2009.


Detailed forecasts include: windows (first time and second time replacements), residential doors (first time and second time replacements), French doors, sliding patio doors, composite doors, conservatories, new build and home extensions and sealed units. The forecasts have been concentrated into 43 packed pages of analysis, explanation and argument, with detailed tables and charts of forecasts that will help companies throughout the supply chain to decide the future course of their business with more confidence.

There will always be true surprises – rarely occurring disruptive events – but these are not usually what catch people out. You can get wrong footed by existing trends that are already underway, trends you can’t see, or choose not to see, where it’s difficult to disentangle the effects of many different trends on the market as a whole. But, according to Rigby Research, the UK PVC-U Windows, Doors & Conservatory Book of Forecasts 2002-2012 removes much of the mystery and makes the job of business planning considerably easier.

Is the future grim or rosy? “You’ll have to order your copy of the report to get the answer for your particular market, but although today’s market is in turmoil, overall the future looks rosy and definitely one to invest in,” says Neil Parsonson, Market Research Manager of Rigby Research and one of the authors of this report. “As ever, it’s all in the timing, being in the right market at the right time. Maybe you take a more optimistic, or a more cautious view of certain trends and events than we have? With this detailed information and analysis you can modify the detailed forecasts to put more weight behind your own views. But, now they will be better founded.

“Whoever you are: Window system company, raw material supplier, window fabricator, conservatory roofing company or door manufacturer, hardware manufacturer, glass or sealed unit manufacturer, ancillary, software or machinery supplier we all need to know what is around the corner. Those who do know will have an advantage,” asserts Mike Rigby, “so give your Finance Director and shareholders a break and order your copy now. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make!”

The UK PVC-U Windows, Doors & Conservatory Book of Forecasts 2002-2012 is available now at £1,950 + VAT from Neil Parsonson, Research Manager at Rigby Research, on 01453 521621, or email info@rigby-research.co.uk.

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Brand and reputation consultancy, Michael Rigby Associates was formed in 1992 and has two divisions: Rigby Research and MRA Marketing. The company specialises in marketing in the construction, building materials, home improvement and DIY markets.

Rigby Research - Market Research Division

The company is accredited to BS7911, the recognised quality standard for research, is a MRS (Market Research Society) Company Partner. The company does three types of research: regular multi-client industry reports which are available for purchase; single-client commissioned work, e.g. brand awareness and perceptions, brand reputations or customer satisfaction; and individually sponsored Quarterly Trend surveys which take the pulse of particular markets and are published in leading trade magazines.

Multi-client reports, some of which are now in their tenth year, include heavy weight, annual studies of the PVC-U window profile markets in the UK and Ireland; the PVC-UE cellular foam markets in the UK and Ireland; the UK Conservatory Market; the Roofline Market; the UK PVC Rainwater Market; and ‘Tomorrow’s growth markets, today’, a report on PVC-U window & door profile markets in Europe. The reports are widely accepted as the most authoritative in their particular markets.

The research division was a finalist in the CMA Awards in December 2006, and provides information and insight to make your marketing work.

Contact Neil Parsonson at neil.parsonson@rigby-research.co.uk or 01453 521621 for information about Market Research.

MRA Marketing - Proactive PR Division

In December 2004 the company won Agency of the Year in the prestigious Construction Marketing Awards. The awards are organised by EMAP Construction Network and supported by CIMCIG (Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group). The Award for Agency of the Year was open to any agency within the sector, whether advertising, business development or PR that has performed for clients, changed perceptions and made a measurable difference. In the words of the judges, MRA Marketing: “consistently deliver successful results - time and time again.” The division was again a finalist in the awards in December 2006. The company specialises in helping companies grow.

Contact Lucia Di Stazio at lucia@521621.com or 01453 521621 for more information on PR and Marketing Communications.


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